NMSU Carlsbad Nursing Students Visit State Capitol

Twelve NMSU Carlsbad Nursing Students visited the State Capitol in January along with Nursing professors Lynda Bickerstaff and Gina Zuniga. The students were able to learn about what goes on in the state legislative and how it affects health care and nursing. During their time in Santa Fe the students were able to witness the voting of the compact Nursing Licensure Senate Bill, which would allow nurses who are licensed in New Mexico to work in participating states and nurses from those participating states to work in New Mexico. NMSU Carlsbad Nursing professor Linda Bickerstaff said” The students saw the benefits on how the New Mexico Nursing Association works for them and better understand of how the bill was passed and presented in the legislation. The students met with Nurse Lobbyists from New Mexico and learned about what they do and how bill can benefit nursing and patients across the state.” There were approximately 400 student nurses, faculty, sponsors and nurses from all over the state of New Mexico who participated at the capital.

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