NMSU Carlsbad Welcomes New Criminal Justice Professor.

NMSU Carlsbad welcomes new Criminal Justice Professor, John Whiteley, from Alamogordo. John Whiteley has taught Criminal Justice since 2006 and has 25 years of experience working in Juvenile Corrections, Adult Corrections, Criminal Investigations, Public Defender’s offices, and District Attorney’s offices. Whiteley said ” Originally I started out at NMSU in Forestry and took courses in Criminal Justice and decided to change my degree. I bring in 25 years of a variety of experience in juvenile corrections, adult corrections, criminal investigations, the Public Defender’s Office, and District Attorney’s Office. Criminal justice is one of these fields unfortunately with today’s society that is never going to go away, technology is never going to take over law enforcement or corrections as there is always going to be a need of human interaction in that field.”

John Whiteley mentioned “I try to bring my experience and the text book to the classroom and blend the two together to help the students relate to the topic. Examples of that would be a mock crime scene, student conducted interviews, and mock correctional situations. I try to take out the “NCIS” and Hollywood perception of Criminal Justice and bring in what is reality.  A situation I produce to the students to show the reality of Criminal Justice is a topic of the day and unfortunately, in this field there’s always something happening in society.”

During Whiteley’s college career he served as president of the NMSU American Criminal Justice Association ( Lambda Alpha Epsilon) chapter and will supervise the regional chapter, Beta Alpha Delta at NMSU Carlsbad. Whiteley said ” I was part of the American Criminal Justice Association (Lambda Alpha Epsilon)  in the early 1980’s at NMSU. It is open to both males and females and allows students to network with other ACJA students around the country. Guest speakers from various Law enforcement agencies are brought to the conferences and students can participate in firearm competitions and physical agility competition similar to the police academy. BETA Alpha Delta, is our local chapter at NMSU Carlsbad, we are the only one in the state of New Mexico that I am aware of.” Whiteley also mentioned, ” There are two college scholarships that the fraternity offers, one of which is through a former NMSU Professor of mine, Professor, Ron Pincomb, who was extremely active within LAE.”

Whiteley plans to bring student involvement into the field by having guest speakers, hands on activities, and activities produced by the students. Whiteley said “I want the students to be more involved in a field that I am passionate about and bring in more one on one interaction.” For information about the Criminal Justice program at NMSU Carlsbad or joining the American Criminal Justice Association contact John Whiteley at 575-234-9354 or stop by his office 2Q on the second floor of the main building at NMSU Carlsbad.

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