Core Values


Continuous Improvement & Organizational Learning: NMSU Carlsbad continually engages in planning, partnering, goal development, execution, assessment and evaluation of processes and systems, leading to continuous improvement.

Design Quality and Prevention: NMSU Carlsbad emphasizes responsiveness and quality in all programs, curriculum and services to ensure success in meeting stakeholder needs and expectations and to minimize learning barriers.

Fast Response: NMSU Carlsbad is highly responsive to dynamic student and stakeholder needs.

Leadership: NMSU Carlsbad senior leaders establish and communicate mission, vision, goals and core values, which ensure campus resources are directed toward Learning Centered Education.

Learning Centered Education: NMSU Carlsbad leadership directs resources to provide education, promote learning and respond to the needs of students and other stakeholders.

Long-range Outlook: NMSU Carlsbad uses facts, performance results and partnership feedback to build and implement long-term plans and make commitments to meet the future needs of students and other stakeholders.

Management by Facts: NMSU Carlsbad collects and accurately analyzes data to enhance student and organizational performance.

Partnership Development: NMSU Carlsbad fosters internal and external partnership development to contribute to Continuous Improvement and Organizational Learning that enhances the overall performance of the college.

Public Responsibility & Citizenship: NMSU Carlsbad serves as a community leader by promoting responsibility, citizenship and diversity.

Results Orientation: NMSU Carlsbad monitors actual performance to provide a structure for improving results of student and organizational learning.

Valuing Employees: NMSU Carlsbad fosters excellence by empowering employees to act independently in an environment of cooperation, trust and innovation.