Associated Students of NMSU Carlsbad Constitution

The GOALS that the ASNMSUC members shall follow:

1.  Represent – Keep the student body in mind.

  1. Listen to any suggestions.
  2. Always put the student body first.
  3. Work to make them happy.
  4. Serve on campus governance committees.

2.  Communicate – Provide a link within the school for the exchanging of students – faculty views.

  1. Provide a suggestion box and review suggestions.

3.  Enhance – Provide a positive environment for student life on campus.

  1. Create a welcoming place for students.

4.  Be an example – Become leaders, perform community services, and get people involved.

  1. Volunteer!
  2. Be part of all activities on campus.

Plan, Act, and Do – Plan activities for the student body to have a good time and relieve stress.

  1. Get the students involved in all activities.
  2. Make sure lounge is available for students.

At no time will the membership exceed twenty-five (25) members. Membership of the ASNMSUC shall consist of the following:

  1. Executive officers shall consist of the elected officials: President, Vice President, Activities/Publicity Coordinator, Treasurer, and Chief Clerk.
  2. Senators – one from each formal campus organization or club, except nursing which shall have two (freshman & sophomore). If the recognized Senator is unable to attend a meeting, their designated representative may represent their organization on voting matters. Designated representatives must be identified at the beginning of each semester.
  3. Senators at Large – Senators duly elected from the student body and not representing a particular academic area or student organization. Senators at large can fill all remaining ASNMSUC seats.

To be eligible to serve as an ASNMSUC Executive Board (E-Board) member, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Possess a minimum GPA of 2.5. May also serve with 2.0 cumulative GPA or better with permission from ASNMSUC Advisor in residence at Carlsbad.
  2. Carry a minimum of six (6) semester credit hours each semester while in office, currently enrolled at NMSUC in residence.
  3. An officer must be willing to serve a full year.

To be eligible to serve as an ASNMSUC Senator, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Currently enrolled as a NMSUC student on NMSUC campus.
  2. Carry a minimum of six (6) semester credit hours each semester at NMSUC in residence at Carlsbad.
  3. Possess a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5. Incoming freshmen are exempt from this requirement for their first semester.
  4. Considered a “student in a good standing” as defined by NMSUC student catalog.
  5. Complete the ASNMSUC eligibility form and submit to an AS E-Board Officer/Advisor each semester.
  6. Eligibility forms from previous years will not be recognized under any circumstances. A new form must be filled out at the beginning of each semester.
  7. New members are not eligible to vote, unless they have been officially recognized by the NMSUC E-Board.

Should a Senator or Executive Officer graduate, withdraw, or transfer from NMSUC before the end of a term, they are no longer members of ASNMSUC.

  1. Each Officer and Senator shall be elected for a full one (1) year term; this term will run from July 1st through June 30th of the succeeding year (i.e. fiscal year of the college).
  2. Student Nursing Association Senators shall serve for one (1) semester term or one (1) year term dependent upon their enrollment in the nursing program.
  3. Senators may be elected for succeeding terms provided they maintain the eligibility requirements.

  1. Election for Executive Officers will be held by the first week in April of the year proceeding the office term.
  2. The president shall announce the date of the election two (2) regular meetings prior to the date of the election.
  3. Senators desiring to become a candidate for an executive office must fill out a Federal Financial Aid package by March 1st. Senators desiring to become a candidate for an executive office must declare candidacy no later than two regular meetings before the elections.
    • Current ASNMSUC E-Board members/Senators may nominate students to run for E-Board office. Before running, an officer application must be turned in to a current ASNMSUC E-Board member/Advisor. Students must hold a 2.5 GPA at the time of election, and be enrolled in six (6) credit hours in residence at NMSUC.
  4. Balloting and election will occur during the first week in April and will be by secret ballot prepared by ASNMSUC E-Board.
  5. Ballots will be counted on Election Day by the ASNMSUC E-Board President and Secretary in the presence of at least one faculty advisor.
  6. Elections of all Executive Officers shall be by the majority vote of the student body. In case of a tie, a re-vote(s) will be taken on Election Day with the senators and officers that are present. Quorum for a re-vote will consist of a minimum of three (3) officers and two (2) senators.
    • If there are no returning ASNMSUC E-Board members or senators the ASNMSUC Advisor and Vice President of Student Services may recruit or solicit students to fill needed positions. These students must meet eligibility requirement outlined in Article III.

If there are no returning ASNMSUC E-Board members the ASNMSUC Advisor along with the Vice President of Student Services can appoint the President and Treasurer to fill the vacant positions.

  1. Only executive officers would be eligible for compensation for hours worked. This would include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Chief Clerk, and Activity/Publicity Coordinator.
  2. Hours of each executive branch member will be tracked utilizing online timesheets, which will be submitted monthly (or at times designated by human resources of NMSUC) to the Chief Faculty Advisor for a signature.
  3. Executive Branch members will be required to work a maximum of twenty (20) hours to a minimum of ten (10) hours per week.
  4. Executive Branch members will stagger their hours to make sure that the Senate office is open to students and administration at the most convenient times for Senate members, Monday through Thursday. Hours are dependent on officer’s schedule. Hours will begin Monday before fall semester classes begin until the week through spring semester finals. Summer hours will be determined on as needed basis by ASNMSUC advisor.
  5. The President will coordinate work schedule hours with E-board members and Chief Faculty Advisor.
  6. Executive Branch members receiving compensation are required to adhere to payment and employment policies of NMSUC.
  7. Compensation will be paid through work study funds. 
    • If students are ineligible for work-study, departmental hire may be considered.
  1. Club/Organizations Senators and alternates will be elected by or chosen from their respective academic areas or organizations.
    1. Chosen Club/Organization Senators and alternates must complete an Associated Students membership application and submit it to an ASNMSUC E-Board member or Advisor.
  1. Student organizations that do not participate and attend regular AS meetings or sponsored events are in jeopardy of losing funds for the semester.
    1. No Senator may represent more than one Club/Organization.
      1. Each club must send their one (1) designated representative to AS meetings: (S.N.A. will have two representatives, one freshman and one sophomore).
  2. If possible these Senators should be elected by early spring for the succeeding year.
  3.  Senators from organizations must be elected by September 30th of the academic year or a date set by ASNMSUC E-Board.
  4. Senators at large at the beginning of fall semester and throughout the year, the ASNMSUC can elect qualified Senators at large as necessary to keep the organization viable.
    1. Senators at large will be elected in the following manner:
      1. Submit completed application to ASNMSUC.
      2. Meet all qualification requirements of a senator.
      3. Receive a majority vote from ASNMSUC members present at a regular meeting.
      4. If a senator at large has a conflict of interest in representing one of the student organizations he or she may not vote on issues, concerns, or travel.
  5. If more than six (6) applicants declare for as at large senate positions, an election by the senate body is required.
  6. At the beginning of each semester, faculty members will be asked to nominate two (2) candidates for Senators at large if needed.
  1. The ASNMSUC shall have 1-2 monthly meetings during the regular academic year. The dates and times for these meeting will be determined each semester by the Executive officers to best fit the schedule of the majority of Senators.
    1. Time and dates of regular meetings will be determined at the first regular meeting of each semester.
  2. The President or Vice President may call special meetings with twenty-four (24) hours notification of executive officers and senators.
  3. All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  4. A quorum for a meeting shall consist of a majority of the E-Board executive officers and a minimum of two (2) senators.
  5. Roll of all Senators and Executive Officers will be recorded at each regular meeting by the Chief Clerk.
    1. Senators and executive officers shall always notify the Chief Clerk, President, or faculty advisor in advance should an absence be necessary.
    2. Any senator or executive officer missing three (3) or more consecutive meetings may be removed from the ASNMSUC.
  6. Only ASNMSUC E- Board Executive officers, (excluding President) and senators who do not represent or have a vested interest in an organization have the right to cast ballots. Voting can be by voice or written ballot.
  7. Visiting students, faculty, advisors and guest may enter into discussion but have no vote. These visitors are also subject to Robert’s Rule of Order during meetings.
  8. President may vote only in the event of a tie (excluding election of new officers).
  9. ASNMSUC may hold closed sessions of AS E-Board and Senators to discuss confidential matters. All closed session decisions are final.
  10. Summer meetings of E-Board will be held as needed, determined by the President and/or faculty advisor.
  1. Senators and Executive Officers may be removed from office or ASNMSUC for absence from three (3) or more meetings, failure to perform duties, criminal charges during their term, and for the following reasons:
    1. Student hours drop below six (6) credit hours in residence at NMSUC.
    2. Senators and Executive Officers GPA drops below 2.5
    3. Academic Misconduct
      1. Cheating or knowingly helping another student to cheat.
      2. Breaking rules found in student handbook.
      3. Plagiarism
      4. Unauthorized possession of exams, reserve library materials, laboratory materials, or course-related materials.
      5. Unauthorized changing of grades on an examination, in an instructor’s grade book, or on a grade report; or unauthorized access to academic computer records.
    4. ASNMSUC E-Board/Senators who are convicted of a punishable offense or violate student conduct are subject to removal by ASNMSUC E-Board Advisors.
    5. Student organizations/senators being slanderous, uncooperative, rude, arrogant, and/or disrespectful towards the NMSUC Executive board, senators, and faculty advisors will be removed from ASNMSUC and will lose funds for the remainder of the school year.
  2. Removal from AS E-Board
    1. In the event that an officer had failed to fulfill above mentioned duties and requirements, meetings of the executive committee shall convene to evaluate and develop recommendations to the senate for appropriate action.
    2. Notification of Senator by written correspondence giving reason for recall action and date for Association Student actions.
    3. Two-thirds vote for Senators and Executive Officers attending meeting where removal vote is taken.
    4. Executive Officers/ Senators may resign by submitting resignation in writing to President with copies to advisors and Vice President for Student Services.
    5. All resignations will require be required in writing.
    6. Removal of and ASNMSUC Senators/ E-Board requires:
      1. Notification to Senator by written correspondence giving alleged reason for removal action date Associated Students action within one week.
  3. ASNMSUC Senators may be removed for infractions listed on pages 22 and 23 of the New Student Handbook, and/or for the following reasons: Absence from meetings, failure to assist with activities, and criminal charges. In addition:
    1. Senators being slanderous, uncooperative, rude, arrogant and/or disrespectful towards other NMSUC Executive board members, senators, and faculty advisors will be removed from ASNMSUC.
    2. Senators not maintaining required GPA, or required semester hours may be placed on probation for one semester.

 Duties of the President:

a. Shall be the Administrative head of ASNMSU.
b. Shall conduct all meetings.
c. Shall represent the student government in community activities.
d. Shall represent student government with other student organizations.
e. Shall prepare and plan agenda for each meeting.
f. Shall oversee members to standing committees of ASNMSUC.
g. Shall appoint members to standing committees of ASNMSUC.
h. Shall chair the Public Relations Committee.
i. Shall recommend possible disciplinary action of Association members to Executive Officers.
j. Shall represent, when invited, the student body at NMSUC administrative meetings.
k. Shall work a minimum of ten (10) hours per week not to exceed a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week.
l. Shall notify ASNMSUC office and Chief Advisor in the event that an absence from office duties is required.
m. Shall appoint AS member to act as Chief Clerk or parliamentarian should the elected officers be absent from a meeting.
n. Shall have no voting power except to break a tie, with the exception of an office to which the President has been nominated.
o. Shall appoint special committees as deemed necessary by the AS E-Board and Advisor(s).
p. Shall assist the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget.
q. Shall perform daily and/or necessary ASNMSUC work and administrative duties.

2. Duties of Vice President:

a. Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
b. Shall assist in coordinating work of all committees.
c. Shall ensure meetings run according to Robert’s Rules.
d. Shall review proposed legislation and make recommendations to AS Senators and E-Board.
e. Shall represent ASNMSUC at various functions/activities as assigned by the President.
f. Shall chair the rules committee.
g. Shall work a minimum of ten (10) hours per week not to exceed a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week.
h. Shall notify ASNMSUC office and Chief Advisor in the event that absence from offices duties is required.
i. Shall keep, with assistance of Treasurer, inventory of all physical property of ASNMSUC.
j. Shall assist the Treasurer in preparation of the annual budget.
k. Shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.
l. Shall perform daily and/or necessary ASNMSUC work and administrative duties.

3. Duties of the Activities/ Publicity Coordinator:

a. Shall work a minimum of ten (10) hours per week not to exceed a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week.
b. Shall notify ASNMSUC office and Chief advisor in the event that an absence from office duties is required.
c. Shall perform other duties assigned by the President.
d. Shall perform necessary ASNMSUC work and administrative duties.
e. Shall chair activities/ publicity committee to promote and advertise ASNMSUC activities.
f. Responsible for planning and carrying out activities for sponsorship by ASNMSUC.
g. Shall prepare/coordinate events; (i.e. order supplies, reserve rooms, and make purchase orders.)

4. Duties of the Treasurer:

a. Shall chair the finance committee.
b. Shall develop, with assistance of the President and Vice President, a semester/yearly budget to be approved by AS E-Board, Advisor, and VP of student services.
c. Shall provide a financial report at the first meeting of each month.
d. Shall, with assistance of the business office and advisor, conduct an annual audit at the end of the fiscal year.
e. Shall maintain a record of individual actions for organizations obtaining fund(s) from ASNMSUC.
f. Shall provide purchase orders (P.O.’s) and receipts for all Associated Student expenditures ensuring that all procedural guidelines are followed.
g. Shall provide each organization with explicit guidelines for financial requests, and will have on file a form signed by each organization’s President and Treasurer in proof of receipt of such guidelines.
h. Shall submit an annual expense budget to Vice President of Student Services.
i. Shall spend a maximum of twenty (20) hours and minimum of ten (10) hours per week in the ASNMSUC office.
j. Shall notify ASNMSUC office and Chief Advisor in the event that an absence from office duties is required.
k. Shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.
l. Shall perform daily and/or necessary ASNMSUC work and administrative duties.
m. Shall be the official custodian of bills, documents, and records of the ASNMSUC.

5. Duties of the Chief Clerk:

a. Shall keep minutes of all regular and special meetings of Associated Students.
b. Meeting minutes are to be kept in a secure place at all times.
c. Shall keep a record of attendance for all regular meetings of the Associated Students and determine if quorum requirements are met.
d. Shall email/post the date, time, and agenda for each regular meeting twenty-four (24) hours in advance of each meeting.
e. Shall handout minutes of prior meeting to senators, advisors, and representatives at AS meetings for approval.
f. Shall report results in writing of vote on special allocation of funds for recognized organizations/clubs.
g. Shall spend a maximum of twenty (20) hours and a minimum of ten (10) hours per week in ASNMSUC office.
h. Shall notify ASNMSUC office and Chief Advisor in the event that an absence from office duties is required.
i. Shall perform duties as assigned by the President.
j. Shall perform daily and/or necessary ASNMSUC work and administrative duties.

  1. Faculty Advisors are selected by the ASNMSUC from a preferred list compiled by the Executive Officers. Two-thirds vote of ASNMSUC members in attendance is required for the election.
  2. Faculty Advisors are selected to serve a one (1) year term. Advisors may, by approval of the Associated Students, serve succeeding years.
  3. A total of four (4) Faculty Advisors may be selected with one designated as Chief Advisor.
    1. The Chief Advisor will take neutral positions on all student organizations affairs and may consult Vice President of Student Services or NMSUC Campus President. The Chief Advisor will also sign off on all time-sheets.
  4. Faculty Advisors are selected each year after election of officers for the succeeding year.(May)
  5. Faculty Advisors will:
    1. Attend all ASNMSUC meetings.
    2. Serve as a liaison between the ASNMSUC and college administration.
    3. Act as advisors to the ASNMSUC as requested in making decisions and providing useful. Information.
    4. Serve on a voluntary basis with no monetary compensation.
    5. Approve and sign yearly budgets and all purchase orders.
    6. Verify eligibility of students seeking membership as a Senator of ASNMSUC.
    7. Verify eligibility of students desiring to run for office of ASNMSUC.
    8. Not establish any policy regarding the employment of ASNMSUC staff with the exception of hourly employment verification.
  6. Term of Faculty Advisors corresponds to the term of the ASNMSUC Executive Officers.
  7. Evaluation of Faculty advisors will be conducted by the ASNMSUC Executive Officers to determine whether to recommend retention or replacement of the Advisor. These evaluations will be used by the ASNMSUC Executive Officers to determine whether to recommend retention or replacement of the Advisor.
  8. In the event of an unsatisfactory term of an Advisor evaluation position is subject to evacuation by ASNMSUC.
  1. If the President is rendered temporarily unable to fulfill the duties of office, the Vice-President will assume those duties until such time as the President is declared by the ASNMSUC fit to resume duties.
  2. If the President resigns or is removed from office, the duties of that office shall revert to the Vice-President for the remainder of that academic year.
  3. If both President and Vice-President are unable to serve, then the duties of the office of President shall revert to the Treasurer for the remainder of that academic year.
  4. If the Treasurer is unable or unwilling to serve as President, the duties of the President then fall upon the Activities/Publicity Coordinator for the remainder of that academic year.
  5. The AS E-Board shall have the power to appoint a Vice-President, Treasurer, Activities/Publicity Coordinator, or Chief Clerk for the remainder of an academic year.
  6. When a Senator resigns or is recalled, a new Senator will be selected upon recommendation of the academic area, organization of club represented. For Senators at large, recommendations will be accepted from AS E-Board select replacement from these recommendations.
  7. If there are no returning ASNMSUC E-Board members the AS Advisor and the Vice President of Student Services can appoint the President and Treasurer to fill the vacant positions. The President and Treasurer will be responsible for soliciting and recruiting students to fill the needed positions.
  1. Mandatory guidelines for ASNMSUC recognition:
    1. Organization must have official name.
    2. In order to receive ASNMSUC funding, organizations must have a minimum membership of eight (8) members.
    3. All eight (8) members must be enrolled at NMSUC carrying a minimum of six (6) hours through NMSUC resident campus.
    4. Organization must submit a copy of bylaws for ASNMSUC E-Board approval and files.
    5. Organization must submit budget of organization’s anticipated expenses and income for that year by September 30th or a date set by E-Board.
    6. Organization must elect one (1) ASNMSUC Senator and one (1) alternate and perform duties required as Senators. Failure to do so will result in their removal and lack of representation for their club.
    7. All student organizations that solicit funds or fundraise are allowed to open a campus checking account that will require two faculty advisor signatures. No student can be a signatory on the account.
  1. Funding of Recognized Organization/Club:
    1. First meeting of the fall semester, a minimum amount must be set by AS E-Board. Equal dollar amount will be budgeted for the fall and spring semester for each Recognized Organization/Club. This amount will be determined by ASNMSUC E-Board at the beginning of each fall semester.
    2. Organizations/Clubs can petition for use up to dollar amount.
    3. Organizations must attend regular meetings to request funds (with a written report of fund usage) for approval, thirty (30) days in advance of date for funds needed. Failure to do so will result in denial of funds. No special meetings will be called to ask for any type of funding (i.e. special allocations, sporadic funding, or general funds.)
    4. ASNMSUC E-Board will award special allocation monies to student organizations one time per year (Fall or Spring) to attend training, conference, workshops, etc… a maximum amount of $1500.00 may be allocated by approval of AS E-Board. Special Allocation Fund Form must be completed thirty (30) days prior to the use of these funds. Failure to do so will result in denial of funds.
  1. Student Organizations requesting special allocation funds will be required to raise half the amount being requested. If half of the funds being requested are not raised, a dollar for dollar match will be given.
    1. Funding will be administered in accordance to NMSUC policy guidelines, and organizations, upon approval by ASNMSUC E-Board, must contact NMSUC Business Office for procedure regarding purchases exceeding $1500.00 because of the additional time required for these purchases.
    2. All special allocations will not exceed $1500.00.
    3. Student organizations wishing to purchase t-shirts/uniforms may do so through their general or monies fundraised. Special Allocations will not be awarded for the use of t-shirts or uniforms.
    4. Funds not being used by other student organizations may not be donated or used by other student organizations.
    5. Exception to Organization/Club recognition by ASNMSUC is granted to groups not meeting membership requirement and/or requiring only sporadic funding ($800 allotted).
    6. Student Organizations failing to conduct business/meet deadlines given by ASNMSUC E-Board will lose funding for the semester. Reinstatement can be voted on by AS E-Board should the student organization/club not begin conducting business appropriately according to its bylaws and AS Constitution.
    7.  Organization/Club and NMSUC continually failing to conduct business in the best interest of the college and/or not abiding by its own bylaws or AS Constitution, policy/procedures set forth by AS NMSUC E-Board, business office, student organization, etc… will not receive recognition or funding through ASNMSUC.
    8. Denied fund requests may be appealed at the regular meeting of the ASNMSUC. Decision of ASNMSUC is final.
    9. Guidelines regarding travel must be followed according to NMSU travel procedures. See Student Procedures Manual.
  1. The Treasurer, with assistance from the President and Vice President, shall prepare and annual budget at the beginning of fall semester each year to be approved by ASNMSUC, the Advisors, and the Vice President of Student Services.
  2. The ASNMSUC will adhere to expenditures procedures as outlined by the Business and Procedure Manual of NMSUC.
  3. All expenditures require a purchase order (P.O.’s) signed by the Treasurer or President, one (1) Advisor, and the Campus Student Services Officer.
  4. Purchase Orders may be signed only by the President or Treasurer for expenditures approved by ASNMSUC.
  5. Supply items only, for use by ASNMSUC, may be purchased at the NMSUC bookstore on account by the AS E-Board.
  6. No expenditure through Purchase Order can be made without prior approval of ASNMSUC.
  7. Purchased exceeding $1,500.00 requires extra time. Contact NMSUC Business Office on procedure. 
  8. The Vice President of Student Services will receive an annual expense budget at the end of each fiscal year.

  1. At the beginning of each academic year, the ASNMSUC Constitution must be reviewed, ratified and submitted to Vice President for Student Services for approval.
  2. To Amend this Constitution:
    1. An ASNMSUC member or recognized organization/club representative must submit proposed amendment in writing to Chief Clerk at least one (1) week before a regular meeting.
    2. Copy of Proposed Amendment is presented to each member at a regular meeting of ASNMSUC.
    3. Amendment is voted on at the next regular meeting.
    4. Ratification of Amendment requires two-thirds vote of members present.
    5. Adopted Amendment must be submitted to Vice President of Student Services for approval or veto.