Assessment at NMSU Carlsbad

Assessment at NMSU Carlsbad is the ongoing, systematic investigation of all aspects of the learning environment, including both academic systems and support systems that contribute to creating an environment in which student success is first and foremost.

The Assessment Committee at NMSU Carlsbad exists to promote, facilitate, and communicate a positive culture and institutional commitment to evidence-based teaching and learning that transcends discipline and area divisions.

Institutional Statement on Assessment


The Assessment Committee:

  • Educates, directs and assists faculty and staff in developing assessment that contributes to continuous and intentional improvements in student learning and retention;
  • Coordinates assessment endeavors campus wide;
  • Ensures institutional policies and procedures promote and protect assessment initiatives; and
  • Remains abreast of developments and trends in assessing student learning and program effectiveness.


The Assessment Committee works to ensure that the Campus Community:

  • Develops and implements effective assessment practices;
  • Uses assessment to inform decision-making and improve learning experiences and opportunities for students;
  • Engages in integrated assessment endeavors across campus; and
  • Is cognizant about assessment initiatives on campus