Assessment Committee Structure and Operations

  • The authorizing body of the Assessment Committee is the Campus President.
  • The Assessment Committee is an active governance committee, and the scope of the work of this committee directly impacts the NMSU Carlsbad campus.
  • The purpose of the Assessment Committee is four-fold:
  1. It serves as a clearinghouse for campus-wide assessment initiatives; a place for discussion about assessment activities, thus ensuring everyone understands the assessment process. Such discussion includes reporting back to NMSU Carlasbad staff, faculty, and executives so that assessment information is shared across the University.
  2. It is the primary voice in any decision-making that impacts assessment across the university.
  3. It is an organizer, sponsor and participant in faculty and staff summits and celebrations related to assessment.
  4. It serves as an advisory body to the President and Vice Presidents regarding outcomes assessment policies and practices.

Assessment Committee membership includes the following representation:

  1. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  2. Outcomes Assessment Coordinator
  3. Science Faculty Position
  4. Business Faculty Position
  5. Computer Science Faculty Position
  6. Manufacturing Sector Development Program Coordinator
  7. Developmental Education Director
  8. English Faculty Position
  9. Math Faculty Position
  10. Nursing Faculty Position
  11. Social Science Faculty Position
  12. Student

Members are appointed by their departments/programs at the request of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the President.  Terms are determined by the unit they represent. Chair is selected by voting members of the Council biennially, and confirmed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the President.
The Senior Institutional Researcher provides administrative support.