Assessment Committee Goals and Objectives


The NMSU Carlsbad Assessment Committee provides collaborative leadership to support a system-wide culture of assessment that promotes and reflects a holistic student learning experience.


The NMSU Carlsbad Assessment Committee serves as a conduit for communication across the campus by:

  1. Providing oversight in the development of university-wide assessment activities.
  2. Assisting the Institutional Analyst and the Vice President of Academic Affairs in creating a coherent map of assessment at NMSU Carlsbad.
  3. Serving as an advisory board to the NMSU Carlsbad President and Vice-Presidents.
  4. Providing a multi-sided perspective on assessment matters through its diverse representation.


The NMSU Carlsbad Assessment Committee, through its communication processes ensures that:

  1. Institutional assessment activities are ongoing and meaningful.
  2. Institutional assessment activities are cohesive and coherent.
  3. The President and Vice-Presidents are informed and responsive to the needs of the institution and the campus community.
  4. All constituents of the campus community are represented and considered in matters of assessment.