Course Level Assessment

 Course-level assessment is based in the content and goals of individual courses within departments and programs. At NMSU Carlsbad, course-level assessment includes two components: (1) measureable course outcomes assessment defined by individual departments/programs and (2) General Education core competencies assessment based on New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) General Education Common Core Competencies.

Each course within a department or program defines its own:

  • Explicit student learning goals;
  • Learning outcomes that represent the achievement of those goals; and
  • Measures that reliably assess the specified learning outcomes.

In addition, many courses contribute to the achievement of general education competencies, and these courses are also required to assess NMHED general education learning goals. While course-level learning goals and outcomes are course-specific, they are closely aligned with the goals and learning outcomes of the overall program and/or department within which the course is located.

While primarily used for internal improvement, course level assessment is reported as a measure of compliance to the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED), the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), and in some programs for professional accreditation.