Institutional Level Assessment

 Through the development of campus-wide graduate outcomes, NMSU Carlsbad has set its expectations for what all of its graduating students should know and be able to do upon graduation. These outcomes are characteristics of success and employers find that workers with these abilities do well on the job. The graduate outcomes also reflect capabilities that will help make our students good leaders.

Graduate outcomes are implemented in all undergraduate courses and major programs across campus. The graduate outcomes state that students, at the time of receiving an associate’s degree, will be able to satisfactorily demonstrate:

1. Effective communications skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening;

2. Basic critical thinking skills;

3. An understanding of the obligations of effective citizenship in a democratic society;

4. An understanding of the fundamental concepts of mathematics and science;

5. Appropriate technological literacy and skills for personal and professional use;

6. An understanding of the fundamental concepts for analyzing significant primary texts and/or works of art, including fine arts, literature, music, theater, and film.

In order to determine how and at what level our students are developing in these skills, NMSU Carlsbad administers the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) examination, an educational outcome assessment to measure achievement in our students’ abilities in Writing Skills, Reading, Mathematics, Critical Thinking, and Science Reasoning.

As an NMSU Carlsbad student, you are asked to participate in our on-going effort to provide strong programs, assure student success, and conduct annual assessment activities by taking the CAAP Test.  Your very important participation plays a critical role in meeting continued accreditation for our college’s Higher Learning Commission’s accreditation, Nursing accreditation, and the State Department of Education.   Assessing student skills is an important measure that state legislatures are using for continued justification of programs to be funded.

Your participation is vital to your educational programs, your institution, and to us. Our New Mexico State Legislature annually reviews assessment data for two-year community college accountability of various institutional programs. Student learning outcomes are reviewed and evaluated for continued accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission’s.  Without accreditation, our college cannot participate in many Federal programs, such as student Federal Financial Aid.