Measurable Course Outcomes

Measureable course outcomes assessment is used by faculty to assess the collective degree of learning achieved by students on specific desired outcomes (skills, knowledge, behaviors and/or values).  This type of course-level assessment can be formative or summative in nature and is:

  • Used at the discretion of the instructor to inform teaching
  • Inquiry based
  • Intended to help the instructor and students better understand student learning

Embedded assessment uses evidence from student work that is already required by the instructor for individual student evaluation (grades) to assess collective student learning on specific outcomes. A wide variety of techniques are available which can be implemented without becoming unduly burdensome.

Documentation of course assessment provides evidence of scholarly teaching. When shared with others, course-level assessment:

  • Can be used to support evidence of program assessment.
  • Helps to inform decision-making about program resources.
  • Directs instructional techniques and curriculum.

When evidence is shared with students it:

  • Provides a contextual framework for student learning.
  • Communicates expectations for shared responsibility for classroom and program learning.
  • Demonstrates intentional development of curriculum and use of resources to provide the best learning opportunities possible for students.