State Common Core Assessment

General Education Core Competencies Assessment The state of New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED) maintains articulation agreements to ensure that all general education courses within the state are transferable between institutions. Five (5) areas for general education are recognized by the HED: Area I – Communication Area II – Mathematics-Liberal Arts; Mathematics-College Algebra; Mathematics-Statistics Area III – Laboratory Science Area IV – Social & Behavioral Science Area V – Humanities and Fine Arts The state has established State Common Core Competencies for each Area. Courses accepted by the state for the general education State Common Core status are deemed ‘substantially equivalent’ by the state. The State of New Mexico Assessment Task Force was developed to ensure institutions are reflective in their teaching of general education, and are actively assessing student learning in order to continuously improve that learning. Institutions are at liberty to self-determine their approach to general education assessment.

State Common Core Annual Reports

Core Competencies 2011-2012
Core Competencies 2010-2011

Core Competencies 2009-2010
Core Competencies 2008-2009