Program Activities

Title V grants are specifically to be used for Hispanic serving institutions. These funds are to assist students in attaining educational goals. NMSU Carlsbad has dedicated it’s Title V funds to Allied Health careers including those pursuing a nursing degree.

  • NMSU Carlsbad Title V is committed to the success of all Allied Health and Nursing students.
  • Pre-nursing students have access to tutoring for required sciences in the Title V Science Tutoring Lab. Free tutoring is available by appointment for Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology.
    • Location: Title V Science Tutoring Lab, Main Building, Room 200
  • Anatomy & Physiology lab equipped with up to date models as well as a lab coordinator for maintenance and equipping the lab for current class. The lab coordinator also prepares the laboratory area for each Chemistry and Microbiology lab session.
  • All Allied Health programs have benefitted with state of the art equipment and human patient simulation models to enhance the student’s clinical experience. These models are practical and successful tools for teaching a variety of skills, both psychomotor and clinical reasoning skills.  The simulation hospital concept is a reality in the nursing lab equipment to the contribution of the Title V program.
  • The online orientation module on this website provides basic information for all students, as well as an overview of available Allied Health and Nursing degrees and certificates. In addition the model has a link for questions regarding Allied Health programs. All questions will be answered by a NMSU Carlsbad Title V employee.
  • The NMSU Carlsbad Title V endowment match program will provide need based scholarships for Allied Health and Nursing students. The endowment fund will also assist with future updates and improvements to Nursing and Allied Health instructional areas and labs.