Program Goals and Objectives

The NMSU-Carlsbad Title V Planning Committee and the Allied Health program administrators identified among all the institutional goals, three relevant to the proposed Title V Activitv. Each goal is supported with measurable supporting objectives. These goals not only support the College’s strategic plan but the New Mexico Higher Education Department initiative to address (1) a nursing shortage in the state and (2) underrepresentation by Hispanics in healthcare professions, especially in rural areas.


Goal 1: Increase enrollment and success in the nursing program.
Objective 1a: Increase rate of pre-nursing students qualifying for acceptance in our nursing program.
Objective 1b: Increase the overall rate of nursing student graduation.
Objective 1c. Increase the rate of Hispanic nursing students graduating within three years.
Goal 2: Provide multiple associate degree options and instructional delivery. (online/hybrid format).
Objective 2a: Increase the number of Allied Health associate degree programs by Fall 2015.
Objective 2b: Increase number of Allied Health didactic courses converted to online/hybrid by Fall2015.

Goal3: Provide faculty and students century instructional technology resources
Objective 3a: Increase the number of Allied Health labs utilizing 21st century simulation technologies.

Goal 4: Increase high-demand Allied Health program enrollments.
Objective 4a: Increase healthcare-related associate degree program enrollment.

Goal 5: Build the College endowment for long-term sustainability.
Objective 5a: Increase the college endowment holdings over the next five years.