There are two types of scholarships for students who attend NMSU Carlsbad: institutional scholarships, awarded by NMSU Carlsbad; and non-university scholarships, awarded by outside donors. Each year, students must complete the NMSU Carlsbad scholarship application form by March 1. This one application covers all institutional scholarships. Students are notified in late July for the upcoming academic year, which begins in August.

Students who have been awarded a scholarship by an outside organization should bring a copy of the award letter with student ID to the Financial Aid office. The donor will be notified as soon as the student meets the requirements of the scholarship.

The Financial Aid office has no control over the funds provided by the donor. However, as soon as the funds have arrived on campus, the Financial Aid office will begin the process to deposit the funds to the student’s account. Funds are applied first toward outstanding charges and any left over funds will be returned to the student in the from of a check. To avoid delays, students can sign up for direct deposit at

To Apply for scholarships, complete the Scholar Dollar$ Application, NMSU’s scholarship management system.

Carlsbad Community Foundation Scholarships

The Carlsbad Community Foundation has a number of scholarships available. These non-traditional scholarships are being offered for individuals pursuing educational goals and are not limited to recent high school graduates. To be eligible to apply, applicants must have a valid NM Resident address.

All information and online applications will be through the Foundation’s Web site at

The Foundation’s non-traditional scholarship schedule is as follows:

  • Available scholarship listing (with minimum application requirements for each scholarship) posted on the website by July 1.
  • Online applications accepted until the end of July (actual date TBD each aid year).
  • Successful recipients and unsuccessful applicants notified by August 31.
  • Please note the above schedule is subject to change without notice. Please verify all information on the foundation website on or before July 1. Transcripts or any other documents to be uploaded must be in PDF format. It is recommended that any such documents be available prior to beginning the application process.