Josselet wins 2016-2017 Roush Award

Associate Professor Kenda Josselet, the Chair of Social Sciences received the 2016-2017 Donald C. Roush Excellence in Teaching Award for her unyielding dedication to teaching and excellence. Congratulations to Kenda for the award who had this to say.  

“I teach because it is important to me that I empower students to think for themselves, to challenge themselves to concentrate on learning and not grades. I believe that each student has the potential to take ownership of their education ultimately arriving at a new and deeper understanding of self and a deepened respect of others. In recognizing this characteristic of their own humanity, most students will be intrinsically motivated to master the skills needed to reach their academic goals. If I am to be able to realistically count myself among a select group of successful teachers, then I must first learn from those students who are entrusted to my academic care each semester. I teach to learn so that I may learn to teach.”

The annual NMSU Carlsbad Roush award, named for a former New Mexico State University executive vice president in recognition of his 35 years of teaching improvement in New Mexico, is based on votes from students and faculty.

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