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The Mathematics Department at NMSU Carlsbad offers a wide variety of courses in support of the many degrees and certificates available at NMSU Carlsbad. The faculty strives to high quality mathematics education to every student.

Developmental Math

What are developmental math courses?

Developmental math classes are designed to enhance the math skills of students whose ACCUPLACER test scores fall below the scores needed for placement in higher-level courses. Your test score determines which developmental math course you will help you most.

The following is a list of developmental math courses:

CCDM 100N Math Preparation for College Success 1-4 cr.
Mathematics skills course designed for those college students with math skills insufficient for success in CCDM 103N. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits. RR applicable.

CCDM 103N Pre-Algebra 4 cr. (3+2P)
Fundamental mathematics operations and arithmetic computations. Introduction to algebra and applied geometry. Provides laboratory and individualized instruction. RR applicable.

CCDM 112N Developmental Algebra I 4 cr. (3+2P)
Fundamental algebra operations, variable expressions, solving linear equations, applications of linear equations, polynomials and factoring. Provides laboratory and individualized instruction. Prerequisite: grade of C or better in CCDM 103N or equivalent. RR applicable.

CCDM 113N Developmental Algebra II 4 cr. (3+2P)
Continuation of CCDM 112N. Completion of CCDM 113N meets basic skills requirement. Prerequisite: grade of C or better in CCDM 112N or consent of instructor. RR applicable.

CCDM 114N Algebra Skills 4 cr. (3+2P)
Fundamental algebra operations: algebraic expressions, solving linear equations, factoring, radicals, exponents. Provides laboratory and individualized instruction. Prerequisite: C or better in CCDM 103N. RR applicable.

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