NMSU Carlsbad Graduates Ace National Exit Exam

NMSU Carlsbad administrators announced today that 76% of the college’s graduating students who took a national college exit exam scored above the national average.

Each year, graduating students at the college participate in a national standardized college exit exam called the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) examination. This test is administered annually to hundreds of community colleges throughout the United States and examines general education learning outcomes, such as writing, math, science, and critical thinking skills. This year, college students were tested  on writing and critical thinking skills.

Students can earn a national certificate of achievement if they score above the national average. Additionally, this year the top four scorers at the college were each awarded an iPad mini.

“I have always told my students that the education they receive here is as good an education as any college in this nation,” said Dr. Ron Girmus, who chairs the assessment committee and oversaw the test. “These results back up those words. To have such a significant percentage of our students score in the top one-half of the nation on this collegiate exit exam shows that we have excellent students and great professors at this college.”

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