College Journey Checklist

Select Your Academic Program

Choose your program or major. Not sure what degree/certificate to pursue? Check the Degrees & Certificates page to see what NMSU Carlsbad has to offer or visit with an academic advisor for assistance.

Know Your Degree Requirements

Review your program requirements in the catalog, and meet with your academic advisor to ensure you stay on track to graduation. You will need to be familiar with:

  • Course Road Maps
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Program Information (e.g., some programs require a separate application and admission process)

Keep Track of Your Required Forms & Documents

You will need to keep copies of your:

  • Transcripts
  • Degree Audits
  • Degree Plan
  • Registration Documents
  • Tuition Payment Receipts

Check Your NMSU Email Account Regularly

Your university email is the official means of communication used by NMSU. Check it often for information related to campus events, registration deadlines, degree requirements, and student organizations.

Run Your Degree Audit

Go to the Degree Audit website to keep track of your academic requirements.

Consult Your Advisor Frequently

If you are changing your schedule, major, or program, transferring credits from another institution, or have concerns related to graduation or academic progress, visit with an advisor.

Apply for Graduation

To apply for an associate degree, sign in to your myNMSU account and select the Student Records link. Graduation applications for certificates are available only in Student Services, Room 111.