Academic Suspension

When a student does not achieve a semester 2.0 GPA or higher, and the cumulative remains below a 2.0 while under Academic Probation II, the student is placed on Academic Suspension.

Students under Academic Suspension are not allowed to take NMSU courses while under suspension. Students on Academic Suspension must sit out a minimum of 1 semester and then petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs to be removed from Academic Suspension. At this time the suspension status will be evaluated for possible removal. Should the suspension be lifted, the student is placed on Academic Probation II until such time that the cumulative GPA equals or exceeds a 2.0. At the discretion of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the student will enter into a contract approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the student’s academic advisor setting stipulations to have the suspension removed. Failure to adhere to the contract will return the student to Academic Suspension.

Under certain conditions, a student may be re-admitted at NMSU under regular status while under Academic Suspension when satisfactory progress has been demonstrated at another college or university. Credits earned at another university or college while under Academic Suspension from NMSU or another university or college will be accepted by NMSU only after the student demonstrates satisfactory progress over a period of two semesters after being re-admitted or admitted to NMSU. Acceptance of transfer credits that count toward degree requirements is still governed by the rules established by the student’s respective college or campus.

Effect of Summer Attendance

Students suspended at the close of the spring semester may have their Academic Suspension rescinded if they attend one or both of the following summer sessions at NMSU or one of its Community College colleges. Such attendance must raise the combined spring semester and summer GPA to 2.0 or better. A certification of eligibility to attend summer sessions at NMSU after a spring semester Academic Suspension is available tot eh suspended student who wished to attend summer sessions at other institutions.

Disciplinary Probation and Suspension

NMSU expects all students to regard themselves as responsible citizens on campus and in the community. Repeated misconduct and major violations will cause the student to be subject to immediate suspension or expulsion from the university.