Student Life


Parking: NMSU Carlsbad does not require a parking pass. Parking on campus is free.

Dining: Check out the campus Bookstore to purchase snacks.

Housing: Although NMSU Carlsbad does not provide dormitory housing, the Student Services department is happy to help you find an affordable apartment.

Health & Wellness: The Campus Health Clinic provides students with a variety of health services.

Studying:  Want to improve your study habits?  Click HERE for some tips.

Campus Security: NMSU Carlsbad places a high priority on the personal safety of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Numerous people and resources on campus are dedicated to providing you with a safe learning and working environment. NMSU Carlsbad is relatively safe. Murder, non-neglicgent manslaughter, and rape have not occurred on campus.

In the event of an emergency, the Emergency Notification System will provide messages via phone, text, and e-mail. All students, faculty, and staff can manage their own contact information and choose the contact methods they prefer. Signing up for NMSU alerts allows you to receive information regarding a crisis (sign up now HERE)
Campus Demographics: Click HERE for some quick facts about the student population.

Campus Internet: Trying to log on to NMSU Carlsbad’s wifi? If you’re a student, faculty, or staff, you can log on by following these easy instructions:

1. Go into your electronic device’s settings or identify your wifi detector. Search for “carlsbad-wireless” and click to connect.
2. Open up a webpage. This will take you to the NMSU Carlsbad wifi login.
3. Type in your ID and password (the same login details you use to access your NMSU e-mail and Canvas).
4. Now you’re connected! If you continue to have problems, visit IT in the Computer Science building.


Get Involved

Student Government: Participate in various campus activities through our Student Organizations.

Family Activities: NMSU Carlsbad understands how important family is to its students, faculty, and staff. In the past, the campus has put on BBQ’s and movie nights so you can spend time with loved ones while you go to school. Look out for activities coming up this 2013-2014 academic year! Click HERE for a list of family-friendly community events and classes.

Community Classes: NMSU Carlsbad offers fun and exciting courses for the community. Check out our Events page for more information.