Surgical Technology


Applications for the program are due May 15th, 2017.


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A surgical technologist, also known as an operating room technician, principally works in the operating room conducting tasks that make the surgical environment clean and safe. He/She is usually part of a surgical team and typically supports any doctors, nurses, or medical personnel that are part of the operation. The surgical technologist jobs are often associated with some specialized practices. The majority of surgical technologist jobs are found in hospitals, work as a private technician, or teach other technologists as an instructor.

Surgical Technology

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Proposed Program Courses include

Prerequisites must be completed before application into the program.

Fall ENGL 111 MATH 120 CHEM 110G HIT 150
Spring HIT 158 BIOL 225 AHS 202 PSY 201G or SOC 101G
Fall HIT 120 BOT 239 BIOL 226 BIOL 221+L
Spring SURG 140 SURG 145 SURG 120  SURG 155
Summer SURG 150 SURG 260    
Fall SURG 160 SURG 265 SURG 230  


Where can your Surgical Technology degree take you?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Surgeon’s Offices and Clinics
Dental/Orthodontic Offices
Veterinary Offices
Medical Corporations as Equipment or Product Representative
Traveling Surgical Technologist


Although there are many different genres of surgical technologist jobs, a few are quite common including scrub technologists, circulating surgical technologists, surgical first assistants, and private scrubs. These surgical technologist jobs vary according to their duties and the amount of experience or education they have received. The common denominator between each of these specialized jobs is that they all spend time in the operating room.