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Our Mission

The NMSU Carlsbad Community College’s mission is to provide access to quality education opportunities and to support the economic and cultural life of the people of southeastern New Mexico.

NMSU Carlsbad Title V Grant Award

Access and Success for Hispanic and Low-Income Students in Healthcare Programs

New Mexico State University-Carlsbad is a Hispanic-Serving, public, open-admissions, two-year institution located in Carlsbad, New Mexico–in the southeastern part of the state. NMSU-Carlsbad has an enrollment of approximately 2,000 students; 46% of the student population is Hispanic and 909% are low-income. The College is an independently accredited branch campus of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. NMSU-Carlsbad serves Eddy Country (population 51,360) and is the only community college in this rural county. The College offers 16 certificate and five associate degree programs designed to prepare students for transfer into bachelor degree programs.

In October 2010, NMSU-Carlsbad was awarded a 5-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), Office of Postsecondary Education, HSI Program (Title V, Part A). The overall focus of this grant project is to enhance the institutional capacity to provide high quality post-secondary education to our student population by providing students the opportunity to move through the healthcare-related education pipeline with more program options, supplemental academic and advising support, and expanded access to instruction and hospital clinical time (virtually). To achieve the project’s overall purpose, NMSU-Carlsbad intends to (1) develop two new Allied Health associate degree programs, which are Health Information Technology and Surgical Technology, (2) provide supplemental academic support for Allied Health students through an Academic Success Lab and proactive academic advising, (3) expand access to programs and 21st century learning technologies by adapting some of the Allied Health and Nursing courses to an online/hybrid format, updating the nursing student learning laboratory and developing a human patient simulated hospital setting within the new Allied Health building, and (4) establish an endowment fund, which will be matched dollar for dollar by USDE funds at the completion of the grant award period.

The maximum dollar amount which can be matched is $310,200.00. This endowment has raised funds of $3,407.00 to date. The endowment fund will assist in ensuring the institutionalization and ongoing benefit of the project’s objectives. Fundraising efforts are being coordinated by the NMSU Foundation, and will be ongoing through the end of the grant period, September 30, 2015. Long after the project has ended, this endowment will help sustain new program development and fund Allied Health and Nursing student scholarships, as well as expand the ALlied Health educational opportunities for Hispanic and low-income students. By continuing to develop and refine the Allied Health curriculum programs, as well as fund scholarships and future equipment needs, the students’ ability to succeed in college and benefit the surrounding Eddy County communities is strengthened.

Program Goals & Objectives

The NMSU-Carlsbad Title V Planning Committee and the Allied Health program administrators identified among all the institutional goals, three relevant to the proposed Title V Activitv. Each goal is supported with measurable supporting objectives. These goals not only support the College’s strategic plan but the New Mexico Higher Education Department initiative to address (1) a nursing shortage in the state and (2) underrepresentation by Hispanics in healthcare professions, especially in rural areas.


Goal 1: Increase enrollment and success in the nursing program.
Objective 1a: Increase rate of pre-nursing students qualifying for acceptance in our nursing program.
Objective 1b: Increase the overall rate of nursing student graduation.
Objective 1c. Increase the rate of Hispanic nursing students graduating within three years.
Goal 2: Provide multiple associate degree options and instructional delivery. (online/hybrid format).
Objective 2a: Increase the number of Allied Health associate degree programs by Fall 2015.
Objective 2b: Increase number of Allied Health didactic courses converted to online/hybrid by Fall2015.

Goal3: Provide faculty and students century instructional technology resources
Objective 3a: Increase the number of Allied Health labs utilizing 21st century simulation technologies.

Goal 4: Increase high-demand Allied Health program enrollments.
Objective 4a: Increase healthcare-related associate degree program enrollment.

Goal 5: Build the College endowment for long-term sustainability.
Objective 5a: Increase the college endowment holdings over the next five years.

Program Activities

Title V grants are specifically to be used for Hispanic serving institutions. These funds are to assist students in attaining educational goals. NMSU Carlsbad has dedicated it’s Title V funds to Allied Health careers including those pursuing a nursing degree.

  • NMSU Carlsbad Title V is committed to the success of all Allied Health and Nursing students.
  • Pre-nursing students have access to tutoring for required sciences in the Title V Science Tutoring Lab. Free tutoring is available by appointment for Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology.
    • Location: Title V Science Tutoring Lab, Main Building, Room 200
  • Anatomy & Physiology lab equipped with up to date models as well as a lab coordinator for maintenance and equipping the lab for current class. The lab coordinator also prepares the laboratory area for each Chemistry and Microbiology lab session.
  • All Allied Health programs have benefitted with state of the art equipment and human patient simulation models to enhance the student’s clinical experience. These models are practical and successful tools for teaching a variety of skills, both psychomotor and clinical reasoning skills.  The simulation hospital concept is a reality in the nursing lab equipment to the contribution of the Title V program.
  • The online orientation module on this website provides basic information for all students, as well as an overview of available Allied Health and Nursing degrees and certificates. In addition the model has a link for questions regarding Allied Health programs. All questions will be answered by a NMSU Carlsbad Title V employee.
  • The NMSU Carlsbad Title V endowment match program will provide need based scholarships for Allied Health and Nursing students. The endowment fund will also assist with future updates and improvements to Nursing and Allied Health instructional areas and labs.
Location & Hours
Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Main Building, Rm 214