The NMSU Carlsbad Nursing Program ranked 5th in New Mexico

NMSU Carlsbad is proud to announce that its Nursing Program is currently ranked 5th in the State of New Mexico., a national organization that presents resources for future nurses on Nursing Programs across the nation, ranked NMSU Carlsbad’s Nursing Program as 5th in the State of New Mexico based on the percentage of graduates who pass the NCLEX-RN test. Claudia Estrada, Director of Nursing at NMSU Carlsbad said “It is wonderful for the program to be recognized. The faculty and staff at NMSU Carlsbad’s nursing program are very dedicated to the success of the program, and it’s students. I think the ranking reflects this dedication.” Estrada added “The program prepares students to be successful on the national licensure exam, we incorporate elements our graduates will be exposed to on the NCLEX-RN exam while in the program. We use computerized, timed testing and the nursing faculty spend a great deal of time preparing exams that will mirror the content of the licensure exam. Our first time licensure (NCLEX-RN) pass rate for the past two years is greater than 92%.”
NMSU Carlsbad Nursing student, Adelaide Simmons, who will be receiving her LPN this summer said “I knew that I wanted to have a career that was about helping people and making a positive impact in the world. The medical field has always been a passion for me and the Nursing program at NMSU Carlsbad gave me the perfect opportunity to pursue that passion. I chose this program specifically because not only is it affordable and close to home, but I wanted to receive a high quality, hands on education by passionate and well experienced teachers.” Simmons added “My overall experience has been what I would describe as life-changing. I have learned so much not only about how to be a nurse, but also about compassion, trust, and kindness. When you see how much you impact your patients lives, there isn’t a better feeling in the world. I think one of the things that has helped me the most in this program is having teachers who really care. Not only does it show the type of nurses they are but when you know that your teachers are really rooting for you and trying their hardest to help you be successful, it inspires you to keep trying your hardest.” 
Claudia Estrada explained, “The strength of the nursing program is the faculty. The nursing faculty are current in practice and that assists the students in preparation for the profession of nursing.We use a variety of clinical settings including long term care, hospitals, home health care and hospice, and schools to prepare our students for diverse patient care situations they will encounter.  The program has a state of the art simulation lab with the capabilities to provide real world patient scenarios for students to learn in a safe environment.”
NMSU Carlsbad President, Dr. John Gratton said, “I was elated to see NMSU Carlsbad’s nursing program being rated #5 in the state. The Nursing Director and her staff have dedicated themselves to the success of the nursing students and the passing results on the NCLEX- RN exam are prime examples of the results of this concerted effort ” Dr. Gratton pointed out that, “NMSU Carlsbad has employed a different test to determine the students’ readiness for the rigorous course of study but the high scores on the NCLEX-RN exam are only attributable to the excellent instruction and clinical experiences being provided by the nursing faculty.”
Dr. Gratton added,”The NMSU Carlsbad Nursing Program prepares its students for a career in nursing by providing an intensive program of study consisting of stipulated prerequisite courses and then two years of rigorous nursing courses which include clinical experiences at a variety of provider settings including two out of state locations. Additionally, the nursing students are required to pass rigorous tests throughout the program of study to ensure that the students are staying abreast of the required knowledge and expertise.” Claudia Estrada added, ” The nursing program at NMSU Carlsbad has a very long history of success. The program is blessed to have support from the Carlsbad Community Foundation, as well as health care providers and clinical agencies in the community.” More information about the NMSU Carlsbad Nursing Program can be found at or call 575-234-9300.

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