NMSU Carlsbad Tuition and Fee Refunds

Tuition/fee refunds are determined by the date of withdrawal from a course.
Students officially withdrawing or dropping courses  are eligible to receive a refund as follows:
Refund percentages are based upon semester charges, not amounts paid. All refunds are applied toward balances due on student accounts.
Refund schedules listed above apply when courses are dropped and a tuition adjustment is necessary.
  • Refunds will not be issued on classes with duration of 5 weeks or less.
  • Part of term refunds are prorated by number of class days completed.
  • In cases of academic or disciplinary suspension, eligibility for refund will depend on the conditions of the suspension and will be entirely at the option of the university.
  • Additional fees associated with enrollment are refunded in full through the 100% refund period; thereafter, fees are non-refundable.
  • Withdraw refunds are calculated as of the date the withdraw form is completed with the Student Services Office.
  • Recipients of financial aid grants and loans who drop credits or withdraw may be required to return all or a portion of awarded Title IV funds.
Students who are enrolled but choose not to attend must officially withdraw from the university. To officially withdraw, please go to the Student Services Office.
Any funds remaining after paying university expenses, will be available to students through the Business Office. Prior term charges due to the University and non-instructional charges (i.e. Health Center charges, Degree fees, etc.) cannot be taken from a student’s Financial Aid and/or Scholarship awards, therefore a balance may still be due to the University after a Financial Aid Refund is issued to a student.
Direct Deposit of Financial Aid to a student’s checking account is available. To sign up for this service log on to my.nmsu.edu and click on the direct link under student financial aid to securely input your bank account information.
Textbook Refunds
Students may receive a full refund with proof of schedule change and a receipt during the first 30 days of classes for the fall and spring semesters. The textbook refund period for summer and mini sessions is one week only from the start of class.
Students participating in the Dual Credit program are responsible for lab and distance education fees (ONLY tuition fees are waived).
Health Fee
Full-time students are charged a $50 fee per semester for unlimited use of the Campus health Clinic located in Room 104 on the lower level of the main building. Part-time students have the option of paying $50 fee per semester to use the clinic.
Laboratory and Other Fees
These fees will be assessed to the student in addition to tuition:
  • Application: $35 first-time NMSU International students (non-refundable)
  • Late registration: $25
  • Degree application: $25 for each associate Degree (plus an additional $25 for late application.
  • Certificate application: $10
  • Distanced Education for students taking online (Canvas) or ITV courses: $25 per credit.