COVID-19 Campus Information

NMSU Now- Our dynamic pandemic action plan


Image showing how to wear a face mask


  • Students enter college buildings at designated entrances and exit college buildings at designated exits paying particular attention to “Do Not Enter” signs.

  • Students monitor their own health and do not enter an NMSU Carlsbad building or participate in face-to-face activities if feeling sick or developing the symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Student wear appropriate cloth face coverings in all shared college spaces, including but not limited to classrooms, laboratories, and support services areas, as well as outdoor campus spaces, including the courtyard, and while walking between buildings, on sidewalks, in parking lots, and during meetings or gatherings with other students, faculty and staff.

  • Additionally, cloth face coverings must be worn properly, that is, covering the nose, mouth and chin.

  • All college community members practice safe personal hygiene while on campus, such as frequent hand washing in excess of 20 seconds, and the use of hand sanitizers before and after leaving college rooms and buildings, as well as wiping down surfaces when arriving or leaving college community spaces.

  • Students adhere to all protocols the college establishes for hygiene in the use of shared bathrooms.

  • Students do not invite or host individuals not authorized for in-person admittance to NMSU Carlsbad’s campus without first reporting to the Student Services Office at Room 111. Importantly, children are not allowed on campus during the health crisis.

  • The course instructor leads and manages the classroom. Students adhere to all protocols the course instructor and the college establishes for in-person classroom attendance.

  • Instructors review the face covering and social distancing requirements for the classroom together with all other regular classroom management requirements at the beginning of the first class meeting.

  • Instructors direct students to the Student Services Office and the Vice President of Student Services should they inquire about or request an exception to the face covering requirement. Instructor emails Student Services to create record of this request.

  • Instructors clearly state on the first day of class that anyone not able to comply with COVID-19 Classroom Safe Practices should switch to a 100% on-line section immediately.

  • If a student refuses to put on or wear a face covering and refuses to leave the class, the instructor contacts Security. Adhering to social distance practices, Security personnel escorts the student from the classroom and off campus. Instructor emails Student Services to create record of the event as well as to the NMSU Dean of Student website by clicking here.

  • If while managing the classroom instructors feel any situation becomes unsafe or the classroom learning environment is interfered with, instructors take necessary actions for instructor and student safety, first, contacting Security, and then if warranted, calling 911 and the Carlsbad Police.

  • Students who fail to follow the stated behaviors are detrimental to public health efforts and impact their ability to continue coursework at NMSU Carlsbad.