Digital Media


Careers for Creative People

The Digital Media Program at NMSU Carlsbad prepares students for careers in film, video, graphic design, animation, digital art, and web design. We offer a two-year associates degree and four one-year certificates.

Without artists and designers, human existence would lack purpose, joy, and sanity. Who designs and constructs the websites for both small businesses and big corporations? Who creates the content you see on TV and in movies? Who produces the posters, logos, and brand packaging for your favorite bands? Be a digital media artist and explore your creativity.

Digital Media Careers

Digital Media is a fast-growing field that pervades multiple industries. With a digital media degree, you can pursue the following career paths:

  • Animator
  • Production Artist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Illustrator
  • Artist
  • Web Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Videographer
  • Camera Operator
  • Video Editor
  • Multimedia Designer

The MAC Labs

Students enrolled in Digital Media classes have access to two MAC labs—one located in the Main Building, Room 224, at NMSU Carlsbad and one located in the Artesia Vocational Training Center.

Students have access to over 20 MACs, equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite as well as software purposed for film/video editing. Students also have access to DSLR cameras, camcorders, tripods, photography backdrops, and a green screen.

Fine Arts Publication

The Digital Media and English departments have teamed up to create a fine arts publication, featuring student-developed art, creative writing, and poetry. This course is cross-listed as the following:

  • OEGR 221: Co-op Experience I
  • CMT 223: Media Production Services
  • ENGL 299: Special Topics
  • ART 294: Special Topics

Students enrolled in the Fine Arts Publication not only contribute artwork and writing, they also are responsible for the layout and design of the print book as well as the marketing and promotion of the publication. The course is less like a traditional class and more like a collaborative workplace in which students learn a variety of job duties including copy editing, marketing, graphic design, photography, image editing, art, and creative writing.

Lab Location & Hours
Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Main Building, Rm 224

Loud Creation

A Student Publication

Are you unsure about the program? Take a look at videos, posters, logos, and other media works produced by students in the Digital Media Technology program.

Fine Arts Publication