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The NMSU Carlsbad Community College’s mission is to provide access to quality education opportunities and to support the economic and cultural life of the people of southeastern New Mexico.

NMSU Carlsbad Project ¡ADELANTE!

Project ¡ADELANTE! Teacher Preparation

Project ¡ADELANTE! represents New Mexico State University Carlsbad’s effort to increase student completion and transfer particularly for Hispanics and low-income students students.  NMSU-Carlsbad is a Hispanic Serving Institution representing nearly 1800 students and supporting a 51% Hispanic demographic according to the university’s Fall 2016 headcount.  NMSU-Carlsbad provides the only affordable postsecondary option for a growing population of underserved, underrepresented and disadvantaged students in the region.

¡ADELANTE! is driven by three major goals:  increase completion and transfer for Hispanics and low-income students through Articulation and Transfer Agreements with 4-year institutions, increase student support services to place-bound and time-bound students, and improve conditions for data informed Academic Programs and Student Services decision making.

The Project funded for five years will (a) increase the frequency and quality of advising services to students, (b) drive the adoption of Guided Pathways to clarify degree and transfer planning and success, (c) develop and execute articulation agreements with 4-year institutions and develop transfer planning maps, (d) increase access to virtual advising, particularly for Teacher Preparation candidates, (e) increase availability and quality of virtual coursework, (f) increase completion and transfer-out rates, and (g) create a culture of evidence for informed decision-making.

The project ¡ADELANTE! addresses Competitive Preference Priority 2:  develop or enhance articulation agreements and/or student support programs designed to facilitate the transfer from 2-year to 4-year institutions through the development  of Transfer and Articulation Agreements with 4-year institutions, the creation of a Student Transfer Space, the cultivation of embedded campus faculty and staff Transfer Advocates, proactive “College Knowledge” outreach and other strategies.

The project addresses the Invitational Priority:  “promoting the Teacher Profession for Hispanics Students (category 3) and develop strong teacher pipelines that support the preparation, placement and retention of effective teachers” through substantial investment in the quality of the Teacher Preparation program, advising and faculty professional development that places a high value on diversity and culture as a context for learning.

Source:  Adelante PROJECT ABSTRACT, 2017.

Teri Dodson, MSN, Project Director
NMSU Carlsbad
1500 University Dr.
Carlsbad, NM 88220
575-234-9200 ext. 1256

Project ¡ADELANTE! Program Activities

♦Develop a Student Transfer Advising Space-Develop and execute articulation agreements with four-year institutions to facilitate and increase completion and transfer-out rates and increase access to virtual advising services, particularly for Teacher Preparation candidates.

♦Promote the Teacher Profession for Hispanic, at-risk and low-income students and families through College Knowledge presentation-Substantial investments in the quality of the Teacher Preparation program.

♦Increase the frequency and quality of advising and virtual advising services to students by implementing a Case Management Advising model-Develop strong teacher pipelines that support preparation, placement and retention of effective teachers.

♦Conduct a Student Momentum Loss study as an instrument for data informed Student Services and Academic Program decision making-Identify and address student loss dynamics.

NMSU Carlsbad STEM SR2 Project

Improve Success for Hispanic and Low-Income Students in STEM Fields
New Mexico State University Carlsbad is a Hispanic-Serving, public, two-year institution located in Carlsbad, New Mexico–in the southeastern part of the state. NMSU Carlsbad has an enrollment of approximately 2,000 students; 55% of the student population is Hispanic, low-income and first generation college students. The College is an independently accredited branch campus of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. NMSU Carlsbad serves Eddy Country (population 57,621) and is the only community college in this rural county. The College offers 17 certificate and five associate degree programs designed to prepare students for transfer into bachelor degree programs.
In October 2016, NMSU Carlsbad was awarded a 5-year, $4.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), Office of Postsecondary Education, HSI Program (Title III, Part F). The overall focus of this grant project is to enhance the institutional capacity to provide high quality post-secondary education to our student population with supplemental academic and advising support. To achieve this purpose, the SR2 Project is driven by three major goals: (1) Increase Access and Success in STEM for Hispanic and Low-Income Students; (2) Increase the Number of Hispanic and Low-Income Students Attaining STEM Degrees; and (3) Develop Articulation and Transfer Agreements in STEM with Four-Year Institutions.


Goal 1: Increase Access to STEM Education for Hispanic and Low- Income Area Students

Goal 2:  Increase Number of Hispanic and Low-Income Students Attaining STEM Degrees

Goal 3: Increase STEM Articulation and Transfer Agreements with Four-Year Institutions

STEM SR2 Program Activities

  • NMSU Carlsbad Title III funds are specifically to be used to assist students in attaining educational goals by increasing retention, progression, transfer and graduation of Hispanic, low-income and first generation STEM students.
  • NMSU Carlsbad Title III is committed to the success of all students with emphasis on those interested in STEM fields including those in Developmental Courses.
  • Student Success Coaches to provide developmental students with specialized support specifically designed for remedial students. The SSC will follow students throughout their developmental process and provide such skills as problem solving techniques, financial literacy, assertiveness training, professional skills and promote non-cognitive skills. They will also assist students to address strengths and weaknesses and set short and long term academic goals, resulting in a realistic action plan.
    • Location: Learning Assistance Center, Instructional Building, Room IB 253
  • STEM Case Management Advisor and Outreach Coordinator will have the dual role of academic advising, referral of students to appropriate college departments or state/local agencies, preparing students for proficiency/evaluation testing, financial aid applications, recognizing at risk students and developing learning communities and strategies for student success, and serving as an advocate for a specific group of STEM students. Advising will be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual student, taking into account the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The second role of this position is to serve as the Outreach Coordinator contacting area wide K-12 schools and creating and organizing STEM outreach activities for students, families, and K-12 teachers to emphasize STEM education and career paths.
  • Summer Bridge Program for new or returning students to provide review of math and English skills and student success workshops.
  • Student Peer Mentors will provide assistance with study skills to include textbook reading, note-taking, learning styles, and time management. Will offer motivation and encouragement as well as guide students who are first generation, Hispanic, and/or low income to improve academic success.
  • Faculty and Staff professional development offer exposure to best practices necessary for growth and change into a premier community college.
  • STEM SR2 funds are being used to purchase equipment and update the aging Engineering lab as well as providing an outdoor alternative energy lab to be used in student research projects.
Location & Hours
Monday-Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday, 8:00am -12:00pm
Main Building, Rm 214