For Students

Fees & Services

There is no charge for a routine office visit for students who have paid the NMSU Health Fee. The Health Fee is included in tuition for full-time main campus students. Part-time students may choose to purchase the health fee to gain access or pay a $10 office visit fee.
An office visit fee applies to all students not classified as full-time who have not paid the health fee, dependent spouses, and transitional students. An office visit fee is not covered by or reimbursed by student insurance.

Fees Which Apply to ALL Students:

  • Fees for laboratory tests, x-ray procedures, or medical supplies
  • Fees for diagnostic procedures or treatments
  • Costs of prescriptions filled by CHC Pharmacy (prescriptions may be
  • filled at the pharmacy of your choice)
  • Referrals to other facilities, providers, or specialty clinics are not covered by the NMSU health fee. Charges associated with referrals are the responsibility of the student or spouse, and are subject to insurance deductibles.

Eligibility for Services

Who is eligible to be seen at the Campus Health Clinic?

  • Full and Part Time NMSU students with valid NMSU ID and verification of enrollment
  • Spouses covered by a student’s university endorsed insurance with valid picture ID and insurance card. (Insurance card is available through the UHCSR website.
  • Transitional Students (established students not currently enrolled – with no future enrollment scheduled; or graduates of NMSU) may seek services at the CHC for a period of three months following the most recent date of enrollment or date of graduation. All costs associated with care must be paid for at the time of service.
    NMSU Photo IDs are Required at Each Visit.

Student Health Insurance

Designed Especially for Students of New Mexico State University.

The Campus Health Center cannot provide for hospitalization and/or other needs such as dental care and sub-specialty care. Students are encouraged to purchase supplemental health insurance for these uncommon, but costly medical needs.

The University endorses a specific supplemental insurance policy which complements the services provided by the NMSU Carlsbad Campus Health Center. Purchase of the coverage is voluntary and may be obtained directly through the insurance company, United Healthcare, via their web site or by mail.

The following link will take you to the insurance web site: United Healthcare