For Faculty & Staff

Employee Assistance Program

The CHC provides confidential counseling for faculty and staff experiencing personal and work related issues affecting their job performance. There is a $5 copay for the first visit and a $35 per office visit fee for up to three additional appointments.

Consultation for department heads and supervisors concerning identification and intervention of faculty and staff experiencing personal or work related issues affecting job performance should be referred to the NMSU-Main Campus EAP Director. EAP professional staff are available for educational seminars pertaining to general well-being, leadership, and work related issues.


NMSU employees, dependents over age 5, and retirees of NMSU on the NMSU health plan, may elect to see a provider at the CHC for their acute health care needs. Employees may use the CHC services without giving up the PCP they have selected.

Diagnostic testing, imaging and specialty referrals ordered by CHC providers can be applied to the health plan deductibles and payable according to policy benefits. The patient is responsible for all claims filing.

Full and part-time employees not on the NMSU health plan can use the CHC by paying an office visit fee of $10.

Patient Charges

Employees and dependents, and retirees on the NMSU health plan, pay a $5 co-pay for each visit to the CHC. Employees not on the NMSU health plan will pay a $10 office visit to the Campus Health Center.

Charges are assessed for the following CHC provided services:

  • In-house lab testing
  • In-house prescriptions and immunizations
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Diagnostic procedures and treatment

Payments will be accepted by cash, check, credit card, or NMSU AggieCA$H, and are due at the time services are rendered. All charges associated with referrals, outside testing, procedures and treatment become the responsibility of the patient. Insurance filing assistance is available upon request.

Work-Related Physical Exams

The CHC is part of the effort by NMSU to provide a healthy workplace for its employees. In conjunction with the Health and Safety Division, the CHC conducts pre-employment physicals and monitoring of employees placed in potentially dangerous situations. CHC is also available to provide personal and confidential medical advice to members of the NMSU family regarding each individual’s situation.

Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses

If you are injured at work, you do not need to be on the NMSU health plan to receive medical care at the CHC. In fact, NMSU recommends that an injured employee see a CHC provider first for all medical care and for any specialist referrals for a work related injury.

Exceptions are:

  • Need for emergency hospital care
  • Serious injury that occurs after CHC clinic hours

Workers’ Compensation

If any of the above work related situations occur, call the NMSU Workers’ Comp Coordinator (575-646-7375). The WC Coordinator should be contacted within 24 hours to coordinate all follow-up medical care.