Institutional Research

Mission & Vision

NMSU Carlsbad’s mission is to provide access to quality education and to support the economic and cultural life of the people of southeastern New Mexico. New Mexico State University Carlsbad will be the foremost institution of higher learning in southeastern New Mexico.


The Office of Institutional Research at NMSU Carlsbad tracks longitudinal measures and supplies data for rational decision-making. This includes:

  • Applied Research – inform such relevant issues as course offerings, scheduling, and resource allocation
  • Evaluation of data – support program review, outcomes assessment, and policy analysis
  • Longitudinal tracking – derive student profiles, retention data, and campus climate
  • Problem Identification – under-performing programs, low enrollment trends, and student performance
  • Action Research – define, collect and interpret data for new projects


Where does IR get the data?

IR draws data from several different sources including the ODS (frozen data tables), the live BANNER database, COMPASS Internet databases, campus survey data and paper files. Depending on the type of data you need, the process to obtain it can be relatively quick or quite time consuming.

My report says that there are a certain number of part-time students, but this doesn’t match the IPEDS headcount. Why?

There are many ways to calculate student enrollment, and the concept of a part-time student has many different operational definitions. Students who take credits on multiple campuses carry a full-time load, but may be defined as part-time students by their credits at each institution. Some calculations consider students full time at 15 credits; others use 12. Whether or not students with different campus affiliations or dual credit students are included in the headcount will also affect the total. This is why it is important to meet with IR to clarify your research objectives; by communicating clearly we can provide data pertinent to your needs.

What is the difference between official and unofficial numbers?

Official numbers are those reported to IPEDS and to the state; files are drawn at specified times in the semester. Reports drawn before or after the deadlines may not match official reported numbers, but may be more appropriate for your specific research purposes. Generally, unofficial numbers are for internal use purposes only and should not be reported.

Why can’t I use COGNOS reports for all of my data needs?

COGNOS reports are useful for estimates and lists, but they do not supply official numbers. COGNOS draws from the ODS, which is updated nightly.

Core Values

Continuous Improvement & Organizational Learning: NMSU Carlsbad continually engages in planning, partnering, goal development, execution, assessment and evaluation of processes and systems, leading to continuous improvement.

Design Quality and Prevention: NMSU Carlsbad emphasizes responsiveness and quality in all programs, curriculum and services to ensure success in meeting stakeholder needs and expectations and to minimize learning barriers.

Fast Response: NMSU Carlsbad is highly responsive to dynamic student and stakeholder needs.

Leadership: NMSU Carlsbad senior leaders establish and communicate mission, vision, goals and core values, which ensure campus resources are directed toward Learning Centered Education.

Learning Centered Education: NMSU Carlsbad leadership directs resources to provide education, promote learning and respond to the needs of students and other stakeholders.

Long-range Outlook: NMSU Carlsbad uses facts, performance results and partnership feedback to build and implement long-term plans and make commitments to meet the future needs of students and other stakeholders.

Management by Facts: NMSU Carlsbad collects and accurately analyzes data to enhance student and organizational performance.

Partnership Development: NMSU Carlsbad fosters internal and external partnership development to contribute to Continuous Improvement and Organizational Learning that enhances the overall performance of the college.

Public Responsibility & Citizenship: NMSU Carlsbad serves as a community leader by promoting responsibility, citizenship and diversity.

Results Orientation: NMSU Carlsbad monitors actual performance to provide a structure for improving results of student and organizational learning.

Valuing Employees: NMSU Carlsbad fosters excellence by empowering employees to act independently in an environment of cooperation, trust and innovation.