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NMSU Carlsbad’s Nursing Program Ranks #1 in New Mexico

(Carlsbad) New Mexico State University Carlsbad is proud to announce that NMSU Carlsbad’s Nursing Program is currently ranked as number one in the State of New Mexico. The ranking can be found at, a nursing advocacy organization that provides educational and career resources to future nurses. The organization determines the ranking based on NCLEX-RN exam pass rates, a licensed exam that is required for nursing students to take in order to begin practice as a nurse. Lexi Fitch, a recent graduate from the NMSU Carlsbad Nursing program said, “The NMSU Carlsbad Nursing Program changed my life for the better. It challenged me in ways that I had never been challenged before. It has also provided me with a fulfilling career in a time where nurses are needed more than ever.” Lexi added, “The NCLEX was the most difficult and challenging exam I have taken to this day. Luckily, the NMSU Carlsbad Nursing Program prepared me well with the exam format that we regularly had in class. Each semester the professors increase the number of questions and the difficulty of exams which ultimately had the greatest impact on preparing me to successfully complete the NCLEX. They also include programs, such as Kaplan, throughout their curriculum to further prepare us for the NCLEX.”
According to NMSU Carlsbad’s Nursing Director, Dianne Hardin, “The students are prepped from day one on how to prepare for the NCLEX examination. The rigor of instruction, labs, clinical exams have NCLEX style questions embedded throughout. Students have access to many various resources for practice questions in NCLEX style. Focused reviews and predictor exams are given over the 4 semesters of learning, and at the finish of the 4th semester, a live, 3 day, in person (newly online due to COVID-19) NCLEX exam review is provided by their Kaplan resource. This helps the student prepare prior to taking their actual exam.”
Bryan George, who recently graduated with the nursing class of 2020 said “A day in the life of a nursing student is that of pressure, stress, possibly a lot of caffeine, and at the end of the day gratitude. Which is actually exactly what it is like in the day of a nurse. No matter how stressful a day is, I truly end each day thankful for the ability to touch lives and help others. As a nursing student, clinical days were everything
and were always reassurance that I was in the right place especially when my dedication was being put to the test.” Gina Zuniga, Nursing Faculty at NMSU Carlsbad said “The ranking reinforces the hard work and dedication the nursing faculty have put into this program. We are all here because we like what we do, and we love to teach. There is a severe shortage of faculty and money when it comes to nursing education
and it is hard work. We are here because we are dedicated to our students and their success. Seeing all our hard work pay off and earning that recognition feels awesome!”
Dr. Nwanne, Interim President at NMSU Carlsbad said, “The #1 ranking increases the profile of NMSU Carlsbad in the State of NM and highlights our quality of education. Prospective students in Eddy County intending to pursuit their Nursing education elsewhere should be aware that the best nursing education is in Carlsbad. The ranking means that the programs in NMSU Carlsbad complement each other. We educate well-rounded students. The critical skills needed for success of our students come from various disciplines, such as Science, Humanities/English, Social Sciences and Math or Quantitative reasoning. All working together with the effectiveness of the Director of Nursing and her team create an environment for Nursing success.”
Nursing Director, Dianne Hardin, who is also an alumni of NMSU Carlsbad’s Nursing Program said “The ranking of #1 is very important to me personally. As a graduate of this program (as are all faculty), I think of how my life was changed when I became a nurse. I want all students who graduate from here to feel they entered the profession well prepared and with a wealth of knowledge. This ranking helps validate that and all of the hard work we have done to achieve it. This ranking happened because of the hard work and dedication from the faculty I work with. They are a great group of individuals that I am proud to call my peers and friends. Providing quality nursing education in a community college setting is vital and key to supporting the needs of our community. The Mission of the nursing department is to prepare graduate nurses who are life-long learners and as members of an interdisciplinary health care team, use clinical judgment to provide caring, safe, evidence-based, client-centered care to promote quality of life.”
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