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New Mexico State University Carlsbad and Loving Municipal Schools receive funding from Governor’s Emergency Relief fund (GEER)

New Mexico State University Carlsbad and Partner Loving Municipal Schools received funding from the Governor’s Emergency Relief fund (GEER) to improve online and technological learning possibilities for local college and high school students. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, classes in Eddy County are primarily being conducted online and students have experienced major setbacks with technology and online learning. The Grant’s initiative is to provide students with internet connectivity to assist them with their online learning, families and students will be provided bilingual training on how to use the internet connectivity Jetpack hotspots. The Grant will also support programs that require practicums or clinicals by offering alternate options such as simulations.
Loving Municipal Schools Superintendent, Lee White said, “This grant will enhance our ability to meet the connectivity needs of some of our most at risk students. Our collaboration with NMSU Carlsbad on this grant solidifies our institutions towards the advancement of our partnership.”
Dr. Mark Buckholz, Interim CAO/Provost at NMSU Carlsbad stated “Especially, during the pandemic, due to lack of broadband access in their rural community, students in Loving Municipal School struggle to log on and complete online assignments. At the time of the proposal, approximately 31% of students were failing and/or not participating. More than 100 of these rural, underserved students were unable to log on and complete assignments. The Grant will help supply hotspot devices for these students to complete online work in the relative comfort and safety of their homes.”
Teri Dodson, NMSU Carlsbad’s Grant Services Project Director said, “The partnership with Loving Schools will not only provide internet access for students who have limited or no access but bilingual training and technical assistance will be provided to those students through NMSU Carlsbad’s Grant Services Department and the Learning Technology Center. The students who have lagged behind because of access during the pandemic will have the opportunity to engage in educational experiences. Students and their parents from Loving are always encouraged to visit the campus in person for assistance or technical guidance. We, at NMSU Carlsbad believe we are a Community College. Loving, Carlsbad, and Artesia are part of our community and we welcome the opportunity to serve.”
According to the Grant’s award letter, the application exemplified innovation in program development and delivery and included relevant partnerships to maximize the impact of the community. The Grant writing team was a collaboration of NMSU Carlsbad Faculty, Staff, Executives, and Loving School Administrators, Superintendent Lee White, and Federal Programs/Testing Coordinator/LMS Admin Paula Wallace who provided the data of academic needs for Loving Students.