Student Complaints & Grievances

NMSU Carlsbad Community College is committed to a policy of fair treatment of its students in their relationships with fellow students, faculty, staff and administrators. Students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the faculty or individual(s) involved when possible. For matters where a resolution is not feasible, a Complaint Form must be completed. After you complete the complaint form, it is reviewed by the Office of Student Services and forwarded to the appropriate administrative official based on the subject matter.
Depending on the subject matter, students will be required to file an academic or non-academic grievance in accordance with NMSU policy and the NMSU Student Code of Conduct.
The VPSS Office will monitor the activity and maintain the student complaint log. The student complaint log will contain the following information:
  1. requirement that the students with complaints or grievances against an institution first seek to resolve their complaint or grievance directly with the institution;
  2. a time frame within which the institution will investigate and respond to the complaint
  3. assurance that the representative of the institution investigating or addressing the complaint will serve as an impartial representative and is not directly involved in the subject matter to which the complaint is related;
  4. assurance that no adverse action will be taken against the complainant for registering the complaint: and
  5. identification of the higher education department as the agency to be contacted in cases where a complaint cannot be resolved and include the mailing address, website, and phone number for the department.

SARA Student Complaint Process

SARA Complaints


If you live outside New Mexico and are currently enrolled in or are planning to enroll in an online degree or certificate program at NMSU Carlsbad, the following State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) information applies to you.  If an NMSU Carlsbad student has a complaint the student must first go through the standard procedure for resolution of student grievances, detailed above.  If the complaint persists after using NMSU Carlsbad’s complaint procedures, an issue involving allegations of fraudulent activity may be brought to the New Mexico SARA portal agency, the New Mexico Higher Education Department.  The SARA portal agency in the state where the student is located will be notified that a complaint has been received and may assist as needed.
NMSU Carlsbad is a SARA Recognized Institution and a member of the National Council of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). NMSU Carlsbad abides by the national standards for the interstate offering of distance education (DE) courses and programs. Being a SARA Recognized Institution increases access to NMSU Carlsbad distance education for students from other states and territories.  Visit this link to view other approved SARA institutions in the state of New Mexico.
Before you can enroll in a NMSU Carlsbad distance education program or course, check to see if NMSU Carlsbad is authorized in your state to offer distance education. Click here to view current SARA States and Institutions. Please note for distance education programs with internships, clinicals, and practicums additional state restrictions may apply for which NMSU Carlsbad might not be authorized. It is important to note that it is the student’s responsibility to understand the situation and requirements in their state of residence for taking Distance Education offerings from out-of-state providers.
For additional information, you may also refer to Administrative Rules and Procedures for NMSU System
Adopted from DACC website: retrieved October 15, 2019