Veterans Affairs Benefits Information

NMSU Carlsbad courses have been approved for study by veterans and others who qualify for veterans’ educational assistance. Processing applications and certifications takes four to five weeks and should be initiated well in advance of course registration. For continued certification, veterans must verify their courses with the Student Services Office each semester for continued certification.

Veterans must maintain satisfactory attendance, conduct and progress. If the veteran does not meet the standards set by NMSU Carlsbad, the certifying officials must notify the Veterans Administration Office, and the VA will stop benefits.

Application Forms

To apply for VA benefits under Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill®), Chatper 32 (VEAP), or Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve), fill out an Application for Education Benefits Form 22-1990. (Chapters 30 & 32 applicants must submit certified copies of their DD214’s along with the applications; Chapter 1606 applicants will submit copies of their completed Notice of Basic Eligibility, Form 2384.)

To apply for benefits under Chapter 31 (disabled veterans), fill out the Application for Vocational Rehabilitation Form 28-1900.

To apply for benefits under Chapter 35 (dependents and survivors), complete the Application for Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Form 22-5490.

For more information on veterans programs, go to . You may also contact visit Student Services in Room 111.

Veterans Affairs

More than two million service men and women have earned Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits. To help those vets connect with a college or university of their choice, the American Council on Education (ACE) recently launched a college guidance Web site, The Web site offers detailed information on the college selection, admissions, and financing processes. It also supplies information on college preparation, transferability of credits, institution and program choice, application timelines, and benefit eligibility. Visit to learn more.